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Natural ways to beat depression

It is said that more than 300 million people wordwide suffer from depression and that this amount is alarmingly on the rise. Whatever the reason for that might be, we consume more antidepressants than ever before. Doctors prescribe us with little ‘happy-pills’ and the pharmaceutical industry have record sales for each year that passes. While antidepressants might be a perfectly good solution for some people, there are still things we all can do in our everyday life, that can affect our mental state of mind in a positive way.

Positive foods

Some of the green coloured vegetables, like spinach, parsley, green lettuce and green cabbages are filled with folic acids (folates). These are neurotransmitters that bring some of all the good stuff to our brain. Good things like serotonis, dopamine and noradrenaline, which are also known as ‘happy chemicals’ that play a major role in the body by contributing to well-being, good mood, appetite, memory and sleep.

Berries (especially blueberries) increase blood flow in the brain, so does beets. Now, blood flow in the brain is not a bad thing, it actually makes it work – and make you feel better. Nuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds contain amino acids like L-arginine, that also promotes blood flow in the body and brain, and that can prove effective against senile dementia and depression – the same positive effects you get from drinking green tea.

Light & Physical activity

 Wherever you are, get out of the dark! Dark places will do you no good and only make negative moods worse. Sunlight is a natural depression killer and we should all get plenty of it on a daily basis. Even the way we build our houses, can influence the amount of light that enters your living space. Companies like  specializes in skylights and a glazed roofs, that can let light into our daily indoor spaces, where we spend so much time.

 Also, go out and walk the dog – if you don’t have a dog, walk anyway. The physical movement of a long walk will do you good. Walking is for everyone, old or young, and will make your blood run, make you inhale a lot of fresh air and give plenty of serotonins to keep your mind happy. Haven’t you tried it recently, then give it a go – you’ll feel the difference, physically and mentally. By the way, we’re not talking about a 5 minutes walk to the corner pub, but an actual long speedy walk for at least an hour – then you can prize yourself with a visit to your local pint-supplier afterwards.






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